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Report of BIO KOREA 2016
날짜 2016-05-03
파일   BIO KOREA 2016 Participated company_0408.pdf

Dear, all the valuable supporters

We'd like to extend our sincere appreciation to all the participants of BIO KOREA 2016, held from March 30th to April 1st at COEX, Korea.

It was a great opportunity to feel the passion and enthusiasm for bio-health industry EVER!

BIO KOREA always try to provide better opportunity and to meet the demand of bio-health professionals to innitiate new innovations in the industry.

We welcome any comment and suggestion to improve our service and ideas to plan the next event.

BIO KOREA 2017 will be held from April 12th to 14th, at COEX, Seoul.

For those who are coming back, be ready for another surprising event!

We hope see you all again in the next year.

best wishes,


::HIghlights of BIO KOREA 2016::
- 45 countries participated
- 23,942 attendees
- 664 companies paricipated
- 1,130 times of business talks

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